The MaMo Experiment is a comprehensive technology innovation project constituting several aspects which are decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT gamification, artificial intelligence technology and distributed computing power network.
Users are eligible to participate in every ecosystem with MaMo token and immerse in the joy and excitement of the project experience as well as financial streams.
The Renaissance slowly liberated people from the shackles of traditional feudal theology, and people began to explore the value of human beings under the cloak of religion.
Now, a technological revolution in NFT encrypted art is significantly rising. This is a technological innovation, and it is also a revolutionary progress in the history of human civilization. Therefore, we have selected the representative of the Renaissance, Mr. Da Vinci as the algorithm name, Da Vinci algorithm.
MaMo Experiment utilises artificial intelligence + distributed computing power network to conduct in-depth learning of artworks and form a unique "Da Vinci Algorithm".
It will be based on advanced neural system network + distributed computing power network and will bring the world a revolutionary innovation technology of artificial intelligence personification to generate NFT encryption art.
MaMo Experiment wants to empower the NFT industry by integrating Artificial Intelligence technology which could intensify the definition of NFT making it more exciting.
MaMo believes that the decentralized artificial intelligence can rapidly enhance the growth of the market by combining the distributed computing power technology. NFT artwork relies on human talent and innovation, but with the AI-integrated NFT, the crafting of NFT artwork will be taken to another level. All the participants in MaMo Experiment can choose to be artists, designers or craft masters with the distributed artificial intelligence power system. Moreover, MaMo Experiment initiates several ways for MaMo believers to strive for financial freedom.
Reward Mechanism: reward to last buyer from DEX at every end of reward countdown
With every purchase from DEX, the reward countdown will be reset to 10 minutes.
Reward Activation
If there is no purchase within 10 minutes, the reward mechanism will automatically be activated through contract.
Reward Distribution
Every reward from the pool is 0.2%,lucky buyer will share 50% of the reward, 20% is rewarded to the liquidity provider(s), 10% is rewarded to puzzle beater, while the remaining 20% will be allocated for marketing purposes.
With every 100 number of purchases from DEX, the reward countdown will be reduce by 1 minute every round until the final countdown which is a 30 seconds countdown.
Puzzle Beater
NFT Gaming Mechanism
Users spend a number of MaMo to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle in random basis that enables participation in puzzle games to obtain puzzle mining reward and Davi token. Each puzzle is segregated by different amount of token mining according to the puzzle difficulty level
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